The EB 5 visa is a way for investors and their business managers to get their business started in the United States. Located in Orlando, Florida, Rockrose Realty Inc. can help those who are thinking of applying for the EB 5 visa to get the insight into the application process that they need. We have experience in helping those who are seeking to come to the US to begin a business. We can help you find the right business in order for you to have a fresh start. If you are interested in learning more, contact us at Rockrose Realty Inc. today.

What is the EB 5 Visa?


This visa is specifically for entrepreneurs and investors who are planning on spending a great deal of funds on creating a business in the United States. There are two primary requirements, and they are that the applicant makes the necessary investment on a commercial enterprise in the United States and that they to create or preserve ten or more jobs for qualified US workers. These jobs must be full-time and permanent.

This program also allows applicants to bring their spouses and unmarried children under the age of twenty-one, provided that they are successful in their application. Under the EB 5 program, applicants can actually receive their green card rather than a temporary visa. This grants them the ability to eventually apply for citizenship.


Requirements for Application


In order for applicants to successfully qualify for the EB 5 visa, they must invest in a new commercial enterprise, which is only considered new if it was established after November 29th, 1990 or if it was established on or before November 19th, 1990 but it was purchased and restructured in such a way that a new commercial enterprise is the result, or it was expanded through the investment of the applicant so that at least a 40% increase in the net worth or number of employees occurs as a result.

There are minimal amounts of investment that must be made in order for the applicant to successfully qualify for the application. In most parts of the United States, the minimum amount for investment is $1 million. However, in rural areas and in areas of high unemployment, the minimum amount for investment is $500,000.

Certain requirements are needed for a business to be considered a commercial enterprise. This is any for-profit activity formed for the ongoing conduction of business. This can include a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a holding company, a joint venture, a corporation, a business trust, or other entity which may either publicly or privately owned.

Further information on the definitions of commercial enterprise as well as what qualifies as a rural area and what other paperwork may be necessary for the actual application can be found on the USCIS website.


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