If you want to relocate to Florida, we are the company to contact.

We have found that there are many people from overseas who are looking to buy a Visa Qualifying Business and relocate to Florida just as we did ourselves 28+ years ago. Over the years, we have streamlined the process for you to achieve your goal of immigrating to Florida with the help of our experienced team.

People are usually told they have to invest $500,000 in an underprivileged area or $1 million in a regular area however this is not the only way to obtain a visa to the United States.

The following is an example of the process you may go through in order to purchase a Visa Qualifying Business for sale Orlando, Tampa, and Florida residents will love.
In many cases, it can be a fairly quick process.

Business man looking at a chalk board with question marks deciding to buy a businessFirst, we will determine how much you feel comfortable with spending, subject to this meeting the Immigration guidelines that we will discuss with you.

Then, we will send you businesses to consider, based upon what you feel you would be interested in owning.

After you have reviewed the details we send, you can tell us which businesses you would like more information on.

We will arrange first for a conference call with the owner, and then a face to face meeting.

Once you have decided on a business that meets your needs and budget we will write a contract for you contingent upon you receiving your visa from the US Embassy.

A business financial report showing the due diligence to buy a businessNow, you will meet with an Immigration Consultant or Attorney who will be doing your Immigration paperwork. The same person will also set up your new corporation.

We always recommend customers have their own NEW CORPORATION so that so that if there is any outstanding debt from the business you purchase it will not be attributed to you.

At the time you sign the contract you will need to ensure that you have the deposit funds available. This is usually 10% of the purchase price.

The deposit is placed with an independent Escrow attorney. Please note we do not hold funds ourselves.

You will be given a period of time to carry out Due Diligence on the business. You may do this yourself or engage another party, such as a qualified accountant to do this on your behalf.

We have accountants that we can recommend to you.

Application for immigration visa and alien registration to apply for a visa qualifying businessOnce Due Diligence has completed and you are happy to move forward you will need to send the remainder of the money over to the Escrow Attorney. It is necessary for you to place the remaining balance of the purchase price in escrow prior to submitting your immigration package to the Embassy.

Once all funds have been received by the Escrow Attorney they will send you a letter to include in your immigration package stating that you have placed the full funds into Escrow. They will also provide proof that they received your funds through a bank statement for immigration.

We will gather together all of the necessary documents from the seller of the business so that you/your immigration consultant can compile the application to send into Immigration. You will gather your personal documents such as marriage certificate, birth certificates of children, bank statement showing you wired the money to the Escrow Attorney etc.

With your application complete you will send this off to the relevant Embassy and wait for approval. It is customary for you to close on the transaction within 10 days of being granted the Visa.

People at a desk shaking hands while buying a business at closingOnce you have received your Visa approval and come over to close, the Closing Attorney prepares the closing documents.

We will have both parties meet in our office to review and sign the closing documents.

A notary from our office will notarize the documents as necessary.

Once everything has been signed the business will change hands. You will receive a copy of the closing documents for your records.

The Closing Attorney will wire the seller their proceeds from the sale.

You will be given all of the documentation for your new business.

The Seller will then spend the agreed period of time training you and making sure you have the necessary licenses etc., to be up and running your new business.

Some Business Sales Are Not Tied To a Visa

  • There are many businesses which are not a Visa Qualifying Business as they may not have been running for a long enough period of time, but this does not mean they are not good businesses to consider.
  • When the contract is not contingent upon a Visa being granted, you can close on these types of businesses very quickly.

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