What’s Better To Buy – An Independent or Franchise Business

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When buying an existing business, there are many things to consider. What industry should I consider? Where is the best location? Independently owned or part of an existing franchise? Both independent and franchise businesses can offer a wide variety of options in Tampa for you to choose from- everything from food service to entertainment. The expert [...]

The Top Small Businesses To Start For Entrepreneurs

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In recent times, many people look to start small home-based businesses, and for valid reasons. Most people leave their daily grind and turn to what feeds their passion. After all, no one wants to retire at 60 years and think that they wasted these years. Luckily, starting small business is not as hard as it sounds, [...]

Mistakes That Happen When Selling a Business

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Just as any other asset, the process of selling your business should be done carefully as it is key to increasing your net worth. It is sad that small business owners lose thousands of dollars after selling their businesses without a proper plan. Worry not! All is not lost, as Rockrose Realty Inc. provides Miami residents [...]

Pros and Cons Of Owning a Franchise

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Has the idea of ever owning your own business cross your mind? Ever consider the option of buying a franchise? The idea may leave you a little skeptical, however, we at Rockrose Realty are here to clear up the air and let you know of everything to make the best decision when you buy a franchise. [...]