Strategizing a Succession Plan

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For the majority of business owners, they will need a formal transaction when exiting the business. This process applies whether they are selling to a family member or a third party. There are certain distinct variables when it comes to third-party transactions, and these include less control around the timing. According to a recent RSM Middle [...]

Business Expenses to Expect When Selling

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We will be honest with you, selling a business if never a simple or easy process. However, the rewards are well worth it in the end if you go about it the right way. Here at Rockrose Realty Inc., we are here to help you understand business expenses. We know of all the best business for [...]

The Top Small Businesses To Start For Entrepreneurs

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In recent times, many people look to start small home-based businesses, and for valid reasons. Most people leave their daily grind and turn to what feeds their passion. After all, no one wants to retire at 60 years and think that they wasted these years. Luckily, starting small business is not as hard as it sounds, [...]

Office Design For A More Functional Workflow

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Think about it. You are at work more than you are at your own home. What do you do at home? You relax and lounge. When you are taken away from home every day to be in the office, that behavior may sometimes carry over to your work. This is exactly the same for your employees. [...]