If you are looking for an established business for sale, then you must weigh its benefits and drawbacks against starting your own business. Talk to an expert from Rock Rose Realty Inc. for a thorough analysis of the benefits of buying an existing business. Find out if the risk to reward ratio tips in your favor if you decide to make a deal and buy a running business instead of establishing your own business. Contact us at Rockrose Realty Inc. today!


Why Should You Consider Buying an Established Business for Sale?


If you are willing to spend some capital and invest in a completely new startup, then you are making a huge investment that has a potential for failure within a few months. As most startups die within the first 3 years of their operation, it’s better to invest in an existing business. Here are the core benefits of purchasing an existing business:

It is Much More Easier to Secure Finance


The biggest benefit of deciding to get an existing business is that many financial institutions and banks are willing to loan the money to an existing business. As the business has operated successfully in the industry, most banks are aware of the financial position of the company you are about to buy. Use it as your biggest advantage and get a loan to extend your newly purchased business for sale Orlando.

Revenue from the First 30 Days


As you have purchased an existing business, you don’t need to wait for months to see the first signs of revenue and accompanying profits. Depending on the market and your management skills, you can earn a profit in the beginning years of your business. On the other hand, if you start a business from scratch it will take at least two to three years before steady revenue starts to flow.

Well Established Business Contacts and Suppliers


Another benefit of choosing to purchase an established business for sale Orlando is that the old business will have a strong and trustworthy relationship with the partners, stakeholders, and suppliers. You don’t need to establish business relations with partners and suppliers from scratch. However, what you must do is work on maintaining the relationships as a new owner and maintain excellent reputation of your business.

Trained Employees


Having trained employees from day one of your business operation is the biggest benefit so far when you purchase an existing business for sale Orlando. The biggest challenge for a startup is to find credible and talented workforce on a not so impressive remuneration package. However, buying a business gives you a pool of talented workforce to work with.

Not as Risky as a New Business


Buying an old business is not as risky as investing in a new one from scratch, an old business will have a considerable market share, a list of customers, suppliers, partners, and an established brand that customers are aware of, all these make the business ownership less risky.


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