How to Have a Manager Obtain a L1A Visa & Expand Your Business

The L1A visa can be a way for businesses to allow their managers a new experience in a new country while also giving them an opportunity to expand. Rockrose Realty Inc. near Tampa has ample experience dealing with these visas and we can help you and your managers start a new office in the United States. We can help get you the business for sale Tampa residents will love so that you can start your US office sooner. Contact us at Rockrose Realty Inc. or visit our website to see what the visa requirements are and whether we could help you get your US office started.


What is an L1A Visa?


An L1A visa is available for those executive or manager level business professionals who are seeking to be sent to the United States by their business. The visa gives these professionals up to seven years in the United States at a new or existing US office. The main requirement is that these professionals have worked at their company at least one year in the last three years. This visa gives businesses—including small businesses—an opportunity to send a business professional into the US to start a new US branch without the need to invest a great deal of money.

This is an opportunity for businesses who are seeking to expand to be able to get the expansion opportunities that they are searching for without the added extreme expense. It is also an opportunity for managers to test their own skill in a new environment.


How Can Rockrose Realty Inc. Help You?


Rockrose Realty Inc. can assist those who are seeking to open an office in the United States by helping them obtain the L1A visa and then give them the assistance that they need to find a business for sale Tampa residents will love so that they can then turn that into their new office for their overseas business.

With our services, businesses can send their managers with the appropriate paperwork and preparations. We can help them through the visa application process and the business purchasing process so that they can have everything in place for their managers to come to the United States and begin their business here.

Rockrose Realty Inc. has ample experience with a variety of visa applications and we understand the boldness that it takes for a business to start an office in a different country. If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you and what other services we offer, contact us at Rockrose Realty Inc. near Tampa or visit our website.


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If you are searching for the business for sale Tampa residents will love to get your US branch started, contact us at Rockrose Realty Inc. We can help you get the right business office so that your manager can get your United States branch begun successfully and you can see a real expansion in your business.

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