Pros and Cons Of Owning a Franchise

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Has the idea of ever owning your own business cross your mind? Ever consider the option of buying a franchise? The idea may leave you a little skeptical, however, we at Rockrose Realty are here to clear up the air and let you know of everything to make the best decision when you buy a franchise. [...]

Want to Own a McDonald’s Franchise? Start Here

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McDonald is perhaps the biggest name in the fast food industry. If you are looking at a business for sale in Tampa, you might want to consider purchasing a McDonalds Franchise. However, there are a lot of questions that need to be asked before you buy. How much does it cost to open a Mcdonalds? What [...]

5 Things You Should Know Before You Franchise

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Purchasing a franchise may seem like the smart business options. If you are looking for a business for sale in Tampa, you have probably already looked into buying into a business. Before you contact one of our business brokers at Rockrose Realty in Florida, take a look at these five things you should consider before you [...]

What Franchise Businesses Are Mostly Likely to Be Profitable?

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Buying a franchise is a significant undertaking and you may wonder if the franchise that you choose is profitable. Rockrose Realty Inc. in Florida is here to guide you. We know how to find the right business for sale Tampa residents will patron and get you to the business you have been dreaming about. Do not [...]