Office Design For A More Functional Workflow

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Think about it. You are at work more than you are at your own home. What do you do at home? You relax and lounge. When you are taken away from home every day to be in the office, that behavior may sometimes carry over to your work. This is exactly the same for your employees. [...]

Finding Inventory for Your New Store Front

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Finding shops for sale in metropolitans such as Tampa and Orlando is a relatively easy task. But whether you are looking to start from scratch or build up on an existing business for sale, you will need to know how to find inventory. Your new store front should be enticing, clean, and it should have options [...]

Starting A Small Business: It’s All About Customer Service

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Nowadays, starting a small business in Tampa means focusing heavily on customer service. People are more than willing to share their negative experiences with the help of apps such as Yelp, Google Reviews, or Trip Advisor. It has become very easy for people to voice their opinions, which is why it’s important to focus on quality [...]

Qualities To Look For Before You Hire a Business Broker

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Your business broker will be your go-to confidant for all your business needs. They will help you from your business’ infancy all the way up to its financial booming success. That is why it is crucial to look for particular qualities from your broker. At Rockrose Realty near Tampa, our business brokers are hand-picked to meet [...]