You are finally ready to sell your business. You want a big payoff by selling it, too. However, you do not want to just give it the first person that steps on to the plate. You want the most qualified buyer. You want your turnkey business for sale to be the best decision you ever made, as it should be. At Rockrose Realty Inc., we are business brokers who will make sure that is precisely what happens.


Oh, What A World!

In a perfect world, you will end up getting multiple offers from buyers that are offering a load of money. Well, unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world. You can easily get up getting multiple offers from buyers that are not offering the most money. They practically are not contributing anything. MAtching that right buyer is a painstaking process, and the transfer of business ownership is time-consuming That is where we come in. The more you have prepared and the more assistance you have means for the more success the outcome will be.


Before seeking a buyer, there are some critical questions that sellers should ask themselves. Question one… can your business be sold? There are several elements of a business that makes it attractive to buy. If it is that means there is a solid history of profitability. That includes a competitive advantage, a large loyal customer base that may have long-term contracts, and growth opportunities. Other considerations are brand loyalty, licenses, issues patents, and intellectual property rights.


Turnkey Business For Sale With Business Brokers

Finding the perfect buyer is the easiest way to have a smooth transaction. It will also contribute to the continued success and growth of the business. Here are few guidelines to help you find the individual you need.

  • Who are your potential buyers?
    • Anybody can be a prospect. The buyer can come from your employees, suppliers, customers, or even competitors. People buy businesses for many different reasons, this will affect how you pitch your business. They are typically divided into two groups: strategic and financial buyers. It is important to know the difference.


  • Where can you reach potential buyers?
    • If you have a business that is well known then simple word of mouth may be enough. Even in this case, however, you still may need to cast a wider net. This is when websites can help assist you.


  • Why should you qualify potential buyers?
    • Documents like confidentiality agreements and financial background information are standard documents for prospective buyers. A broker or investment banker can pre-screen buyers to make sure they are financially qualified to purchase the business. This includes reviewing ownership, available funds to invest, sources of financing, and any judgments or bankruptcies filed. You also want someone who has the business knowledge, management experience and complementary skills to take the company to the next level.


  • How to look good for potential buyers?
    • Selling a house is not the same as selling a business. But just as sellers stage a home to make it more appealing, you need to get your business in good shape before you approach potential buyers. Your books should be in order for inquiring eyes to review.


  • What to expect out of the deal?
    • There are some basic decisions you must make like will you offer seller financing. Will you sell the entire business entity or just assets? Will you keep any assets? Will the buyer likely to retain or replace staff? Will you maintain a minority stake of the ownership? Will you be expected to put in a year of transition time after the business is sold. Don’t make the mistake of waiting until after the deal is done to remove assets that are your personal property.


  • When are you ready to close the deal?
    • The average house will sell in four months. It may take nine months to a year to sell your business. Once a buyer presents an offer of purchase, you may accept the offer, counter, or reject it entirely. The agreement becomes a binding purchase offer and sale once all parties agree to the terms and conditions.


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