In recent times, many people look to start small home-based businesses, and for valid reasons. Most people leave their daily grind and turn to what feeds their passion. After all, no one wants to retire at 60 years and think that they wasted these years. Luckily, starting small business is not as hard as it sounds, especially when you have Rockrose Realty on your side. We will work with you to find the perfect office space. We serve all of Central Florida and even Tampa. We realize that many people work from home these days so we have included some of those jobs in our list as well.

Some of these businesses are home-based and require nothing more than an internet connection. Others may, however, demand some level of licensing, renting or purchasing land.


Small Business Ideas


  1.    Software Development

Software developers and engineers build, test, and maintain software on various platforms, including mainframes and mobile devices. The demand for software developers in the US is set to increase by 17% by the year 2023. With a median pay of slightly above $100,000, this is a great business opportunity for those who have the skills to start. What’s interesting, it’s a low capital venture as you only need a PC, a desk and working from home.

  1.    Making Chatbots

Chatbots have become an integral part of every business in recent times. Every company today embraces effective communication with its customers, which is what chatbots offer—A different level of messaging with AI. As such, making chatbots is a great business opportunity to start. Interestingly, you can start a chatbot creation business even without the need to code.

  1.    Bookkeeping Services

Guys that are good at dealing with numbers have a great business opportunity with this one! From the comfort of your home, you can work as a freelance bookkeeper and make a fortune, let alone a living. Most importantly, you don’t need to be a Certified Public Accountant to start this business. With lots of free-to-use online invoicing tools and online payment tools available, you can create balance sheets, provide income statements and prepare financial reports for companies—All form the comfort of your home. Who knows? You may soon put up your business for sale and make some handsome money.

  1.    Fulfillment by Amazon Sales (FBA)

The largest online retail platform offers product sellers a chance to market their wares online through the Fulfillment by Amazon program. It is a great business opportunity for those who desire to run a small business from home. This Amazon program takes the hassles of running a business away as it sorts the marketing needs of your business. Amazon handles the packing, storage, shipping, and customer services as well as the listings on Amazon’s sites.

  1.    Cleaning and Home Renovations

Everyone is striving to own a home. But are they willing to clean, maintain, and renovate them regularly? Well, here comes your business opportunity! Remodeling contractors are hard to find. If construction is in your blood, all you need Is to organize your tools and kick start your business.

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Whenever you have an idea to start a business, choose one that is hassle-free, do your research and make sure to contact Rockrose Realty if you plan on having a physical storefront.