Finding shops for sale in metropolitans such as Tampa and Orlando is a relatively easy task. But whether you are looking to start from scratch or build up on an existing business for sale, you will need to know how to find inventory. Your new store front should be enticing, clean, and it should have options for everyone. Depending on your niche, gathering inventory can be done locally, or it can be sourced from vendors around the globe. But before you put in your first order, take a look at the initial steps it takes before finding your inventory for your new store front. If you have further questions, Rockrose Realty in Florida has the answers!

Step 1. Get a License

Obtaining the appropriate licensing for your store is the first step into your new business venture. You will need a seller’s license and you will need to establish what type of legal structure you want to possess (sole proprietorship, LLC, etc.). Other than that, your physical location will also need to follow your city or building regulations.


Step 2. Choose Your Niche (or search shops for sale)

Whether you are selling tools, clothes, or accessories, even these specific categories fall under certain niches. Define what those are so you know which products to include in your inventory. If you are interested in obtaining a business for sale, observe their inventory and make note of which inventory should stay and what should be removed. This saves you on multiple costs and provides a more targeted clientele for you business.


Step 3. Define Your Purchasing Strategy

Next you will want to decide if you want to purchase your inventory locally, nationwide, or even overseas. Asian retailers have a reputation for providing affordable wholesale products. However, you need to be aware of the quality of their products before purchasing. This might also mean you have to purchase larger quantities than you typically have to locally, and it usually entails more communication errors.


Step 4. Get Inventory

After deciding on a wholesale or manufacturer, order a couple samples of inventory. Some companies will provide these samples for free. Ideally, you will want to sample multiple forms of the inventory you want to make sure there is consistency in their products. If you are satisfied, place your first order! Start small (unless you have purchased a business for sale who might have a better idea of their numbers) so that you aren’t left with overflowing inventory. Once you get to know your clientele, you can change up your inventory supply and numbers.


Step 5. Creating Storage Space

Staying organized is the best way to keep up with inventory supply. Sort your inventory by categories and be sure to label everything. Then keep a detailed record of what inventory you have and where it is physically located. Not all retailers will keep their For example, if you have an online business, you can opt to part-take in drop shipping so that your products are kept at a separate facility.

If you need advice on finding inventory or you have inventory questions on shops for sale, contact us at Rockrose Realty in Florida to learn more about the process!