A great way to earn a profit and become a successful business person is to invest in a profitable small business. Small business is often considered the backbone of America. It employees tens of millions of professionals in virtually every possible industry. With that being said, there are particular small businesses out there that have a higher potential for opportunities. We are here to shine a light on those businesses. Rockrose Realty Inc. is an excellent resource for you. We are the best business broker in Florida.


Some Facts About Florida

  • Population of 20.98 million
    • 3rd largest in the U.S.
  • Civilian Labor Force 10.1 million
    • 3rd largest in the U.S.
  • Gross Domestic Product $1.0 trillion
    • 4th largest in the U.S.
  • Total Personal Income $1.0 trillion
    • 4th highest in the U.S.
  • Per Capita Personal Income $27,684
    • 2nd in the Southeast
  • Households 8,528,264
  • Total Earnings $539.4 billion
  • Total Retail Sales $339.9 billion

What does that mean for small businesses? It means much more opportunity than other states.

As you can see, our state has a lot of potential. Florida is an eclectic mix of eight economic development regions, at least one of which is right for you and your business. From Naples up to Jacksonville and from Pensacola down to Miami and the Florida Keys, this state boasts a blend of cutting-edge innovation and kickback style that is second to none. In any region of Florida, you are never more than 50 miles from a postsecondary educational institution or 90 miles from a deepwater port. There is a good chance you will find a golf course, theme park, shopping mall, and a sandy beach within proximity too. With all that being said, there are so many opportunities when it comes to what small business you want to invest in.


Florida Profitable Small Businesses

Today, there are dozens of dreamers and doers stake their futures on Florida each year by relocating or expanding their businesses here. Why here, why now? It is actually straightforward. Florida is one of the few states that can match the assets Florida has to offer: top business climate, unparalleled infrastructure efficiency, easy access to global markets, an abundant and talented workforce and, above all, a quality of life that simply has no equal.


We are experts and take pride in being the best business broker in Florida. Here are the top small businesses that are thriving this year:

  • Accounting Services
  • Legal Services and Law Firms
  • Real Estate Sales and Leasing
  • Outpatient Care Centers
  • Copywriting
  • Dental Offices
  • Personal Training and Fitness Instructors
  • Funeral Homes
  • Cleaning Services
  • Warehouse and Storage
  • Doctors Offices
  • Food Truck Operation
  • Landscaping and Gardening
  • Schools and Instruction
  • Party Services


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