Planning to purchase a business for sale Orlando or any nearby places, Rockrose Realty Inc. has all the solutions under one roof. Rockrose Realty Inc. specializes in helping business clients with visa requirements and to find the right business for sale. Starting a new business is not an easy task especially when you do not have enough funds to finance it. One of the convenient ways is getting a business loan from the bank or lenders, but only if you qualify for their requirements. The interest rates of banks are generally high depending on the type of loan. Rockrose Realty Inc. can help you in starting your dream business. There are several business loans you can apply that fits best to your needs. Contact us to learn more.


SBA Loans


SBA loans are great to start with when looking for business loans. This type of loan is favorable compared to other loans. The interest rates are lower and the repayment period is longer. It is easy to qualify for SBA loan if you are purchasing an established business. However, if you are planning to start up a business, it may be difficult to qualify for it. It can allow you to borrow up to five million dollars for the purchase of your business.

The only drawback of the loan is its application fees and prepayment fees that is a bit on the higher side.


Term Loans


Term loans are considered the easiest type of loan you can get. You get the cash in a lump sum and use it towards your business. You can get a short-term loan that lasts for three to 18 months. The interest rate of these loans is relatively high as compared to other loans (14% and up). Similarly, there are medium-term loans that last for a longer time with lower interest rates. The only drawback of term loans is they require a lot of time to get, and may be hard to qualify for. However, if you have a good credit score, a medium-term loan is a good option for you.


Finance Specialists For Getting a Business Loan


Finance specialists are generally the lenders or agents who help potential business buyers in purchasing their business. These lenders have access to multiple sources and offer the types of finance that suits you and your business the best. Rockrose Realty Inc. is one of those businesses, who help its clients in financing their new business. Whether you have a business for sale in Orlando, purchasing a new business or getting a business loan, they will guide you throughout the process.

Keep in mind that some agents charge their commission after they have successfully helped you in achieving your target, so it is always a good idea to check with them beforehand.  


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Starting up or purchasing an existing business is not possible without getting it financed. If you are tired of visiting banks then it is time to knock the doors of Rockrose Realty Inc. They only help you in getting a business loan but also helps in business sale Orlando. Visit our office or official website Rockrose Realty Inc. for more information.