Strengths & Weaknesses To Notice Before Buying A Business

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Many entrepreneurs may have a business for sale Orlando buyers want, but it's important to do your research prior to purchasing. When buying a business, you must examine many internal areas to determine if they are a strength for the business or a weakness. The brokers at Rockrose Realty Inc. can help evaluate the many businesses [...]

Strategizing a Succession Plan

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For the majority of business owners, they will need a formal transaction when exiting the business. This process applies whether they are selling to a family member or a third party. There are certain distinct variables when it comes to third-party transactions, and these include less control around the timing. According to a recent RSM Middle [...]

Make Sure Your Customer Base has Room For Growth Before Selling

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As a business owner who is looking to grow and sell  a business, it is essential to carefully evaluate ways that your business can grow and whether you want to consolidate your business’ position. If your priority for your business prior to selling is growth, then there is careful planning necessary in order for that to [...]

The Most Profitable Small Businesses of 2018

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A great way to earn a profit and become a successful business person is to invest in a profitable small business. Small business is often considered the backbone of America. It employees tens of millions of professionals in virtually every possible industry. With that being said, there are particular small businesses out there that have a [...]