Has the idea of ever owning your own business cross your mind? Ever consider the option of buying a franchise? The idea may leave you a little skeptical, however, we at Rockrose Realty are here to clear up the air and let you know of everything to make the best decision when you buy a franchise. Located conveniently in Orlando, our experts are here for you. There are many businesses for sale Orlando; you just need to make sure which one is right for you. Contact us today!


A Franchise Can Be A Great Option for You!


  • There is a handful of reasons why people are out there buying and investing in franchising. The concept is becoming more and more attractive towards current and potential small business owners. There are so many businesses for sale Orlando entrepreneurs need to take advantage of. What are some of the perks?


  • A turnkey system. The system is proven for operating the business and generating profits. If you are willing to pay a little more, you may get profitability quicker.


  • You get franchise support. Small business owners often have little assistance when it comes to business acumen. When an individual buys a franchise, they get the opportunity to share challenges with other entrepreneurs who are facing or have faced the same problems.


  • You benefit from a brand name. When it comes to more established franchises, they provide more market awareness and a brand name. This attracts more customers. It can lead to a significant amount of savings in customer acquisition cost and allow for more time in the operation of the business.


  • You receive access to lower inventory prices. As a franchise member, you get lower costs in purchasing inventory and equipment. This is not the same for other businesses.


  • Recruiting staff will be easier. In order to have a successful company, you need a good staff. A franchise business with a recognized name will have a greater chance of pulling recruits other than an unknown business entity.


There Are Also Lows When You Buy a Franchise


  • Like all things that have advantages, there is always a downside. In the case with small businesses for sale Orlando owners, it is exactly the same.


  • High start-up costs. When you buy a brand name, the company in which you are purchasing from us usually beyond the financial capability of many potential business owners.


  • You will owe royalty payments. Every single year franchisees are required to make royalty payments in return for support in operations and advertising. These can get costly.


  • Less privacy and less freedom. Franchisees need to share financial information and conform to uniform operating procedures based on the company they are buying from.


  • Inadequate support may be a risk. There are some cases when a franchisor may not provide all the necessary resources for the success of the location you purchased. They may not even be able to provide field or market support. The owners can become reactive and expect the head office to solve all the problems.


Contact Us Today For More Information

At Rockrose Realty, we want to ensure that you are prepared when you make the decision to buy a franchise. It can make or break your business career so it is safe practice to understand how the process works and what you have at risk. Our Orlando location has experts who have all the knowledge you need to know. Call us today for more information.