Nowadays, starting a small business in Tampa means focusing heavily on customer service. People are more than willing to share their negative experiences with the help of apps such as Yelp, Google Reviews, or Trip Advisor. It has become very easy for people to voice their opinions, which is why it’s important to focus on quality customer service. If you have started a business or have found a business for sale in Tampa, you will want to hear these key notes on providing customers with the best experience. If you want some more tips on guiding your small business, contact Rockrose Realty near Tampa for more information!

1. Build Rapport with Your Customers

Building a personal connection with your customer is what will make them come back. While the pessimists are quick to whip out their phones to post negative reviews, those who feel engaged and important are more likely to return to your business. Being associated with excellent customer service is not only good for company morale, but it is likely to get you more customers simply by word of mouth.

2. Small Business in Tampa Means Being Present

People can be impatient at times. And besides, you never know what kind of day your customer is having. Perhaps they are running errands before work, and your business is just meant to be a minor pit stop in their day. In this case, having to wait for service can become frustrating. That is why it is always important to be present. Being active on social media is another way to engage customers and an easy way to showcase your company’s growth.

3. Pay Attention to Customer Feedback

It can be hard to hear negative customer feedback, but ultimately, these Yelp reviews will help you business. Some can be hard to swallow, but it is important to take it as a learning experience. What could you have done to make their experience more enjoyable, and what can you do now to remedy it. If you are looking to purchase a business for sale in Tampa, look at their current customer reviews. Customer feedback provides the backbone for service and you want to address all claims immediately.

4. Hire Skilled Employees

There is nothing worse than being greeted with an employee with a bad attitude. While everyone has off days, instill in your employees that they have to leave personal issues at home. The work environment should always be pleasant, so that our customers feel welcomed. Likewise, make sure you hire skilled employees who are willing to take on challenges and are able to multi-task. If you are purchasing an established business for sale in Tampa, make sure to evaluate employees to see if they meet this criteria. Efficiency is sure to pump up your customer service points.

5. Don’t Make False Promises

If you indulge in any type of contest advertising, make sure you are still being honest with your customers. Promising a “free” product or service only to be subject to multiple stipulations, will build on negative reviews. Click-bait is enticing, but it holds a negative connotation in that customers feel that they are being lied to.

6. Put Yourself in the Customer’s Shoes

Always, always put yourself in the customer’s shoes. It’s hard reverse roles while at work but try to remember a time you were met with excellent (or even poor) customer service at another place of business. How did it make you feel? Doing this will help you remember that customers, like us, only want comfortable and precise service.

If you are interested in starting a small business in Tampa, contact Rockrose Realty near Tampa to get you started!