When you find yourself thinking, “How do I sell my business?” The first and most important step to take
is to find yourself the most reliable business broker who can guide you through the entire procedure.
We at Rockrose Realty Inc. are not only able to assist you in finding the best customer to buy your
business but we have also compiled a list of things for you to know before you proceed to selling your
business. Contact us today!

How do I Sell my Business?

Things you need to take into consideration when selling a business is to make sure you have a clear idea
in your mind. You can do that by asking yourself the question: why do I feel the need to sell my
business? It’s not that business for sale Orlando is something new but it is definitely something the
buyer would like to have complete knowledge about. Other tips to consider include:

1. Seeking legal and professional expertise from of a business broker.

2. Having prior business selling and buying experience, a professional broker will know all the ups and downs of the processes.

3. If you are selling the business for capital gains and the cash flow generation of the business was stable you can attract more buyers.

4. Make sure you are asking a realistic price knowing the market value of your business, the industry and the current economy.

5. Prepare well for the sale and understand the selling process, as you have invested a lot into your company and you would not to let that go to waste.

6. Build a team that helps you with the selling process, ideally comprising of a finance personnel, a lawyer, a marketing expert and a research expert.

7. Do not leave any loose ends; follow through your pending payments, bills or any other legal and financial matters that need to be taken care of, before handing it over.

8. Get yourself represented by the right person to market and promote your business for sale, otherwise finding the right buyer could be quite difficult.

9. Leave nothing to verbal discourse, have everything in writing as most lawyers would advise you. Take all the offers in writing to make a proper and a more accurate comparison of offers but also because it shall be useful to record the details for later use.

10. Create a representable plan for marketing. Often the seller is unable to effectively market their business, by leaving out some information or not making the offer sound attractive.

11. In order to avoid sending your clients, vendors or other resources, in panic mode, keeping a low profile on the selling is advised, at least until a deal with the buyer has been finalized.

We hope all the above-given information was able to assist you in weighing your prospects and action
plan when you ask yourself the question: how do I sell my business? In order to get yourself on the
business for sale Orlando list, contact Rockrose Realty Inc. today!