A Look in the Commercial Real Estate Closing Process

When you are purchasing a business, the commercial real estate closing process varies slightly from the residential closing process. Rock Rose Realty Inc. in Florida can help you understand the difference and give you the help you need to make a successful sale. To find the business for sale Orlando residents will love, contact Rock Rose Realty Inc. today.


Be Prepared to Wait


The commercial real estate closing process is not as straightforward as the closing process for non-commercial real estate. This is because the commercial real estate closing process typically entails some significant amount more legal procedures. You must be prepared to wait while the paperwork goes through and everything is transferred effectively.


Escrow, Legal Documents, and Due Diligence


Escrow works much in the same way that it would with buying a home. A third party is brought in to hold funds until you and the other party can reach an agreement about how you will move forward with the sale. Once you and the seller have reached an agreement, then you may receive the title.

The other thing you must worry about is all of the legal documents that you must take care of during the sale. When you purchase commercial real estate, you are dealing with one or more contracts between two legal entities rather than two people. With these entities, you must make certain that each is fit and has the ability to go through with the transaction.

Finally, one thing that you must keep in mind with commercial real estate is that RESPA does not apply. RESPA is Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act and it keeps buyers protected when they purchase a home to make sure that they are not tricked into buying a home that is uninhabitable. However, this does not apply when you are dealing with commercial real estate which means that you as a buyer must follow a much more stringent process of due diligence in order to ensure that the sale goes well.

Finishing the Commercial Real Estate Closing


The final closing part involves many more documents that can vary depending on the type of commercial real estate that you purchase and the location of the property. Because the commercial real estate closing process can vary so greatly and can run into a number of legal issues, it is critical for you to go through with it with the help of an agent.

Rock Rose Realty Inc. can help you find the business for sale Orlando residents will love so that you can feel confident in the transaction and the expertise of your agent.


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If you are hoping to find the business for sale Orlando residents will love to visit, Rock Rose Realty in Florida can help you. We are committed to helping our buyers understand the closing process and be prepared to be successful business owners. Contact us at Rock Rose Realty Inc. today to learn more about how we can help you.

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