Think about it. You are at work more than you are at your own home. What do you do at home? You relax and lounge. When you are taken away from home every day to be in the office, that behavior may sometimes carry over to your work. This is exactly the same for your employees. A good way to ensure your employees are working to their fullest capacity is setting up your office in a way that compliments and encourages functional workflow. Simple additions of office decor and open space can do the trick. At Rockrose Realty, our experts near Tampa, are here to assist! We not only provide expertise on business for sale Tampa residents can rely on, but we also aim to help our clients pursue their maximum potential.


Where Do You Begin?

Believe it or not, the design of your office space profoundly impacts your team’s mood, behavior, and productivity. Studies prove it! According to Gensler’s 2016 U.S. Workplace Survey, companies who are high-performing put an emphasis on functional office layouts that cater to different work activities. You want to provide your employees with a place of work that is comfortable and inviting to each of them. This can get quite challenging, though, especially when you have several departments and people from various backgrounds to consider. The first step is to get the basics right and our business for sale Tampa firm can make that happen.


The Basics of Office Decor:

  • Optimize for wayfinding. Wayfinding is how your team navigates through the physical space of your office. It involves mapping, signage, hallways, and anything else that involves walking around. Assist your office team move freely by keeping clutter out of your walkways. If your office is large, set up signs.


  • Develop flexible spaces. When you make a flexible space, it allows your office to be more accommodating to different work styles and gets them more prepared for any major changes that can potentially come down. A good idea is optimizing flexible furniture.


  • Design for a purpose. Everything in your office needs to have a purpose. If there is no point, get rid of it. Remove all the unnecessary pieces or add ones that fill a particular need. To help come up with this determination, get feedback from your employees.


  • Create comfort. We saved the best for last. Physical comfort is something facility managers have considerable control over, and the productivity is closely linked to it. If you have employees who are uncomfortable at work, they will not get as much work done as they would if they were. They would often not be focused, or they will get easily distracted. You as a business owner want to make sure your team stays in the zone.


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As a proud business owner, you want your employees to work to the best of their abilities every day. Office decor and design will help this cause tremendously. Here at Rockrose Realty, we want to make sure you get them where you need to be to stay a successful business. Our near Tampa office is sure to aid you when it comes to everything office design. Call us today to get more information on how creating a new office can optimize workflow. We provide expertise on business for sale Tampa residents can rely on and also aim to help our clients pursue their maximum potential.