Do I Need a Business Loan As a Foreign Investor?

If you are a foreigner who is interested to invest in the US then you have to file an application to get the appropriate visa for business. When it comes to financing your business within the US, you will face more than a few challenges. Rock Rose Realty Inc. helps foreign investors look for a business in the United States and help them in buying a business in the U.S.  Contact us to learn more.


Things to Consider When Buying a Business in the United States


If you are a non-resident citizen from a foreign country but you have the necessary capital and the visa to be an investor in the U.S. then consider buying a running business in the country. For example, a good investment opportunity for you is to buy a franchise. You should look for a franchise business for sale because the company already has a number of other branches across the country that are performing well. Investing in a franchise promises a safe investment with healthy cash flows.


Problems Foreign Investors Face


A business broker might suggest that non-resident investors will face several challenges. One of the biggest challenges is to get a financial institution to get you a loan for your business. Many lenders within the U.S. are skeptical of foreign investors because their properties are located outside the country. This is something that worries a lot of American lenders. Most investors from other countries do not have tax returns or a social security number, this makes the lenders uncomfortable because they don’t have any backup if the business owner is unable to repay the loan.

Own a Real Estate Business


If you own a real estate business within the U.S. then you have a chance at getting that business loan. You can use the real estate you own as a collateral to get more loan from the banks. Moreover, the investor who owns property within the U.S. can secure a loan easily as some banks and financial institutions are willing to take the property as a collateral if you fail to pay back the loan. You can get services of a business broker to help negotiate the terms and conditions for purchasing the private property.


Credit Card History


Positive credit card rankings are necessary for a business and the individuals because it indicates your creditworthiness for a loan. If you are a foreigner and you need to secure a loan within the United States of America then you must have 2 years or more credit history. The credit history must not have incorrect information or misleading information.


It will be easier for a foreign national to get a loan in the US if they are able to report using three nontraditional credit accounts. These accounts include the rent paid, utility bills, and life insurance. A credit card reporting agency can give you a thorough credit history based on your actual transactions within the U.S. as foreign creditors are willing to help you get a positive credit history.


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Rock Rose Realty Inc. helps foreign investors look for a business in the United States and help them in buying a business in the U.S. despite the many challenges. Contact us to learn more about selling and buying businesses.

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