How To Make An Effective Exit For Your Business

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Finding the right time for selling business is usually toughest in this competitive world. One must have strong reason for choosing to exit in business environment. Profits and losses are major reason that one starts thinking for selling business. Too much profit or too much loss both ends are connected with selling your business. High profits [...]

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Personal Goodwill For Your Small Business

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Personal goodwill relates to the intangible skills, ability, contacts, experience and reputation related to particular individuals within business. It resides and owned by individuals with non-transferrable items & has no or little commercial value attached. Any business runs on its services or product however if the owner is connected with customers in personal way delivering quality [...]

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Time To Sell Your Business

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Market one side is full of profits, opportunities, growth and development while the other includes risk, losses and depression. So deciding the right time to sell your business is always tricky. There will be signs showing that time is up for sale. Reason for business selling can vary from individual owners to groups e.g. low income [...]

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Business Selling

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Running a full time business is hard enough and now when selling you must have strong reasons for turning a new leaf in your life. This can vary from retirement, disputes, health, hectic schedules, lastly when you have had enough of that business and the time is right for selling to step into the next stage [...]

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