What Should You Know Before Hiring a Business Broker?

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A business broker is a professional with years of hands-on experience in buying and selling different types of business. Rock Rose Realty Inc. offers the best business brokerage services that guarantee successful and smooth transfer of the entire business from one owner to another. When you are willing to sell your current business, you have two [...]

How Are Businesses Priced?

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Ask any professional business broker, he/she will tell you that pricing a business correctly is a major challenge for them.  When you are buying a small business, appropriately pricing the business involves a lot of steps and different aspects to consider. Rockrose Realty Inc. offers professional brokerage service to help you quote the best price for [...]

How Much Do I Need to Invest for an E-2 Visa?

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Are you living in the United States and looking for help for your E-2 Visa? Rockrose Realty Inc. has all the answers to your concerns. Whether you have a business for sale or looking for E2 visa requirements, Rockrose Realty Inc. is always at your help. The E-2 is a non-immigrant visa that allows an individual [...]

What Are the Requirements for Obtaining the L1 Visa?

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Are you a citizen of the United States and planning to expand your business overseas, but have no idea about the visa and its requirements? Rockrose Realty Inc. is your first step to success. The company specializes in visa business and business for sale (buying and selling). People obtain the L-1 visa for mostly business purpose; [...]