The Common Misconception About Businesses for Sale

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Take it from the business brokerage experts at Rock Rose Realty Inc. that selling a business is not easy, as it looks. People usually believe that selling a business is simple and all you need to do is set a price for your business and wait for a potential buyer who is looking for a “small [...]

Do I Need a Business Loan As a Foreign Investor?

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If you are a foreigner who is interested to invest in the US then you have to file an application to get the appropriate visa for business. When it comes to financing your business within the US, you will face more than a few challenges. Rock Rose Realty Inc. helps foreign investors look for a business [...]

Factors to Consider When Buying a Business

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It’s better to buy an existing successful business than establishing your own from scratch. One of the biggest benefits of buying a business is that it comes with well-trained employees, a customer base and sufficient cash flow. Rockrose Realty Inc. will give you the best advice on how to buy a business.  Call us at Rockrose [...]

Understanding Your Sales Agreement

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The business purchase agreement is one of the most important documents needed for a successful transfer of business ownership. After submitting the letter of intent, the buyers will need to collaborate with the seller to help start an investigative procedure known as due diligence. Rockrose Realty Inc. offers expert advice on due diligence documents that includes [...]