The Best Small Business Opportunities to Invest in for Entrepreneurs

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Small business is the backbone of America. They are responsible for employing tens of millions of professionals in almost every possible industry. What does this mean for you the investor? This means there a ton of small business opportunities that you can invest in and make money. Here is Rockrose Realty Inc. we are here to [...]

Know Your Business Needs Before You Buy

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Having a business plan to map out your business needs is a great way start out your new company. Our business brokers at Rockrose Realty suggest knowing what your company needs are before you buy. Take a look at these six things to look out for when purchasing an existing business! If you have any further [...]

Why You Should Use a Business Transfer Agent

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If you find yourself asking, “Should I use a business transfer agent?” Orlando brokers want to let you in on why this process works best. A business transfer agent plays the same role a real estate agent plays in helping people buy or sell their homes. While this can be done solely, it is ultimately an [...]

Finding Inventory for Your New Store Front

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Finding shops for sale in metropolitans such as Tampa and Orlando is a relatively easy task. But whether you are looking to start from scratch or build up on an existing business for sale, you will need to know how to find inventory. Your new store front should be enticing, clean, and it should have options [...]