How to Purchase a Business Without Collateral

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If you are in the market to purchase a business, there are was to make these investments without collateral. As a business broker in Florida can help walk you through the full process when you contact Rockrose Realty. In the meantime, let us walk you throw a few need-to-know details about how you can buy a [...]

Things to Consider When Looking for a Business Partner

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When you are looking for a business partner there are some things you should look out for. Finding the right person to work by your side for a business opportunity is a critical decision and you don’t want to be taken for granted or left abruptly. Taking on a business is a serious, and often, long-term [...]

Why Orlando is One of the Top Places to Buy a Business!

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Orlando is one of the best places for entrepreneurs to buy a business. Why is that? Orlando plays hosts to 51 million tourists a year—and that’s not even including residents. As of 2018, Orlando is home to over 250,000 residents. With these statistics, it is easy to see the potential that Orlando has to offer current [...]

Are you Ready to Buy a Business

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One of the advantages of buying a business is, you get to be your own boss at all times! However, the thought which arises is: when do you know that you are ready to buy a business? Not only can we at Rockrose Realty Inc. assist you in adhering to the best line of business for [...]