Do I Need an Attorney In Order To Buy a Business

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Buying a new business without the legal assistance of a business sale attorney is risky and you could end up in a pitfall. Every part of buying and selling of business is governed by the State Law of Florida. You will need an attorney with experience in dealing with the business brokerage. If you are looking [...]

The Top 5 Most Popular Businesses to Buy In the USA

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After the end of the recession in 2009, new businesses have started to pop-up around the U.S. as more and more people are looking for business opportunities for a better future. The burst of entrepreneurship has led to the creation of many small businesses. Many tech startups and successful food truck businesses are the best business [...]

How To Finance A Business You Wish To Purchase

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Planning to purchase a business for sale Orlando or any nearby places, Rockrose Realty Inc. has all the solutions under one roof. Rockrose Realty Inc. specializes in helping business clients with visa requirements and to find the right business for sale. Starting a new business is not an easy task especially when you do not have [...]

What to Look for When Buying a Small Business

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The Business Brokers of Florida member, Rockrose Realty Inc., knows that looking for a small business is more than just looking for something in your budget. We can help you find the right business for sale Orlando residents will love and we can make sure that it is the perfect fit for you and your needs. [...]