Orlando is one of the best places for entrepreneurs to buy a business. Why is that? Orlando plays hosts to 51 million tourists a year—and that’s not even including residents. As of 2018, Orlando is home to over 250,000 residents. With these statistics, it is easy to see the potential that Orlando has to offer current and future business owners. If you are looking to invest in a business, Rockrose Realty in Orlando, Florida can help you find prime locations for you business. In retrospect, the listings for “business for sale” is going up almost daily, and we can help you find your perfect match.

Here’s a look at some other reasons why Orlando is one of the top places to buy businesses!

Supply and Demand

With booming theme parks and the endless supply of hotel chains throughout the Orlando area, the need for supplies is in high demand. Whether you are looking to invest in a catering company, a transportation service, or even a clothing store—Orlando is constantly needing supply for its million of daily consumers. There are approximately 12.8 business per 100 people according to Nerd Wallet, which is low compared to Naples 50 businesses per 100 people. Orlando is constantly looking for niche busineeses to fill its quota.

The Florida and Millenia Mall are just two examples of districts that are becoming homes to new businesses every year. Even Joey Fatone—the ‘90s pop star from the band ‘NSYNC opened up his own hot dog stand “Fatones” in this area.


Plenty of Room to Buy a Business

Besides Orlando’s high population ratings, there’s also the square footage to consider. Orlando is just over 110 square miles, meaning there is plenty of room to grow. Orlando is not only home to iconic destinations such as Disney World and Universal, but it is also where the largest populated university campus sits at the University of Central Florida. Businesses are popping up all over near the main campus to appease the every-growing student population. The sector in particular is prime real estate if you are looking at a business for sale.


Friendly Neighbors

Orlando is at the heart of Central Florida, but its neighboring cities are also on the rise for business owners. Lake Mary and Winter Park— both of which are within miles of Orlando—

are listed within the top 15 places to start a business in Florida. However, their population is only a fraction of this Orlando, and they don’t hold a candle to Orlando’s popular attractions. Bearing this in mind, building a business within earshot of these attractions is the number one reason Orlando’s business rate continues to grow.

The average revenue expected from a business in Orlando is 1.5 million—which is a steady rate for even a small business owner. If you want to buy a business in Orlando, Florida, contact Rockrose Realty so we can get you set up with a prime business for sale! With the ever-growing supply and demand ratio, the spacious commodities, and its friendly neighboring cities, Orlando is the place you want to begin your next business adventure!