One of the advantages of buying a business is, you get to be your own boss at all times! However, the
thought which arises is: when do you know that you are ready to buy a business? Not only can we at
Rockrose Realty Inc. assist you in adhering to the best line of business for you, but we have also
compiled a list for you to look into, to understand more about the tactics of buying a business and what
happens next.

Things to know when planning to buy a business

To understand if you are ready to run your own business, work independently and be the boss is a very
big decision to make. So, how would you know what suits you the best? If to buy a business from a
prestigious and reliable business broker in Florida is the decision you have made, let’s have a look at
what you must consider beforehand.

1. Understand which line of work would interest you the most

2. Consider and determine the rate of success of the chosen business

3. Learn about all the reasons the business is being sold, and any risks attached to it

4. Make sure your budget and goals are in line with the business

5. Research and perform the due diligence before making or taking up the offer

6. Evaluate the business’s price, taking into consideration asset vs earnings vs market approach

7. Have all your appropriate documents ready to close the deal (adjusted purchase price, leases,
the sale billing etc.)

The Pros and Cons of buying an existing business


One of the pros of buying an existing business is that you aren’t starting from the very scratch, so a lot of
the things may already be taken care of, for instance

  • Office location, building or space
  • The brand already has a certain market value and identity etc.
  • Customers are already well acquainted with the business
  • Suppliers, vendors, manufacturers and other resources may also be well in touch
  • You already have a clear idea of your market as well as your competitors


With all the advantages we have seen so far in buying an existing business, there are certain cons as well that you might want to consider prior to making the purchase decision:

  • Existing customers may turn out as a disadvantage in a lot of ways, especially if they expect the same standard of service that the last owner provided, while you may have very different ideas
  • Whereas a built-out brand can be beneficial to some, it can be a disadvantage to others, as you might have to renovate, tear down and rebuild
  • Everything needs over-hauling from logo to management to stores (if any)
  • A substantial change in the strategies, plans, mission and concepts in accordance to your vision Everything needs refining; the processes, procedures, and policies
  • The market and its consumers may have already developed a mindset of the business and it would require extra effort to make your mark as a separate entity
  • A lot of legal work needs to be taken care of such as transfer of business and intellectual property including copyrights, patents, and trademarks

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