The Most Profitable Small Businesses of 2018

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A great way to earn a profit and become a successful business person is to invest in a profitable small business. Small business is often considered the backbone of America. It employees tens of millions of professionals in virtually every possible industry. With that being said, there are particular small businesses out there that have a [...]

Business Expenses to Expect When Selling

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We will be honest with you, selling a business if never a simple or easy process. However, the rewards are well worth it in the end if you go about it the right way. Here at Rockrose Realty Inc., we are here to help you understand business expenses. We know of all the best business for [...]

How to Find the Right Buyer For Your Turnkey Business

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You are finally ready to sell your business. You want a big payoff by selling it, too. However, you do not want to just give it the first person that steps on to the plate. You want the most qualified buyer. You want your turnkey business for sale to be the best decision you ever made, [...]

The Best Small Business Opportunities to Invest in for Entrepreneurs

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Small business is the backbone of America. They are responsible for employing tens of millions of professionals in almost every possible industry. What does this mean for you the investor? This means there a ton of small business opportunities that you can invest in and make money. Here is Rockrose Realty Inc. we are here to [...]