Office Design For A More Functional Workflow

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Think about it. You are at work more than you are at your own home. What do you do at home? You relax and lounge. When you are taken away from home every day to be in the office, that behavior may sometimes carry over to your work. This is exactly the same for your employees. [...]

Important Questions To Ask Your Business Broker Before You Buy Your Business

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Have you ever bought a business before? Do you know what to do in regards to the process? First thing is first, you need to hire a business broker. Once that business broker is hired, what do you do next? Ask real estate questions. As a buyer, you need to ensure you are prepared with all [...]

How To Hire A Relocation Service For Your Business

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Just like when you move from a house, moving from a business can be just as stressful and overwhelming. In some cases, even worse. When relocating your business, it is good practice to ensure you have everything prepared to make the process run smoothly, including the right relocation service. At Rockrose Realty, our business brokers are [...]

Pros and Cons Of Owning a Franchise

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Has the idea of ever owning your own business cross your mind? Ever consider the option of buying a franchise? The idea may leave you a little skeptical, however, we at Rockrose Realty are here to clear up the air and let you know of everything to make the best decision when you buy a franchise. [...]