After the end of the recession in 2009, new businesses have started to pop-up around the U.S. as more and more people are looking for business opportunities for a better future. The burst of entrepreneurship has led to the creation of many small businesses. Many tech startups and successful food truck businesses are the best business to buy. Rockrose Realty Inc. offers a wide range of commercial properties to help your new business grow! Contact us to learn more.


The Best Business to Buy for a Secure Future


When choosing to buy a business instead of setting up a new one from scratch, you will minimize your risks significantly.  Investing in a successful thriving business is the best way to go. Here are the top five businesses that you can buy:


Purchasing a Small Bistro


You can open a small bistro at a busy street corner, but if you want to save yourself the hassle of getting permits and getting the right staff, you can choose to purchase a running bistro. Bistros are popular for a light snack and if you want, you can offer lunch deals to get more customers in. Look for running bistro business for sale instead of setting up a new one from scratch.


Buying a Senior Care Center


A senior care home is a good choice for purchasing a running business. Buying a care home for seniors is a good investment with constant returns over the years. What’s more is that you get the staff and equipment along with the business. The senior care sector in the U.S. is a promising despite the hefty overhead charges and somewhat controversial nature.


Purchasing a Food Truck Business


Food trucks are one of the most popular businesses for sale, this investment is suitable for small business owners with limited capital. After doing some research about food trucks, you can find a running food truck for sale. The biggest benefit of having a food truck is you will have a takeout service on wheels if one location doesn’t give you a good profit, simply drive the truck in another neighborhood for better profits.


Hand Car Wash


Hand car wash industry has witnessed a growth in recent years. Car lovers prefer to get their car washed by professional experts instead of the automated wash centers. What makes this business perfect for purchase is that it has its own niche that will be quiet profitable. A hand car wash does not need sophisticated equipment. All you need is a water supply, hose, sponges, gloves, and detergents.


Online Business


If you are determined about purchasing a business with longevity then choose to invest in a tech startup especially an online business. Having a startup online business has several benefits, you won’t need to have a physical location to make it work, and you don’t need a warehouse or other logistics for operation. Look for an online business for sale and offer them a good price, because an online business has a lot of potential for success.


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